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    Entertainer Listings - Sorted by State
    Activity Entertainers Database » Florida
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    Imperial Dance Theatre
    Contact Name Imperial Belly Dance, Hula and Flamenco



    Dawn Rhys


    South Florida


    Scotch & Soda Music
    Contact Name Bob Stanley

    Scotch & Soda Music

    Contact Name Bob Stanley

    [Scotch & Soda Music]

    Bob Stanley



    Bob Stanley


    Treasure Coast

    Come dance down memory lane with Scotch & Soda to all your favorite tunes from the ’50s through today. Live, good time music.

    Ace Ace Casino Entertainment
    Contact Name Ray Herzinger


    Phone: 888.776.5481

    Description: We provide casino entertainment(POKER,

    BLACKJACK ROULETTE. SLOT MACHINES) for senior facilities in

    Florida in the form of NON GAMBLING FUN casino

    entertainment. Our events are from 30 minutes to 2 hrs

    (longer time events can be accommodated) and the player with

    the most chips wins a small prize.

    Cities: Ft Lauderdale, Miami, Boca Raton, West Palm

    Beach, The Keys, Ft Myers, Naples, Sarasota, Tampa, Orlando

    Jody Anderson, Nostalgic Singer & Entertainer
    Contact Name Jody Anderson

    Jody Anderson


    Dayton, Cincinnati, Columbus, & Lima-Findlay OH. Orlando, Daytona Beach, Merritt Island, Melbourn FL

    Indianapolis, Kokomo, Logansport, Peru, Lafayette, IN
    Contact Name Darlyne Frabklin

    Darlyne Franklin



    Joey and Marie comical wedding

    Tom Evan "Modern Day Minstrel"
    Contact Name Tom Evan

    I am an Entertainer. I have been playing the guitar and piano, singing and entertaining audiences for 50 years. I have been performing in nursing homes, assisted living facilities and retirement communities for 20 years. I currently entertain the residents in over 100 facilities in the Central Florida area. I have a genuine love for the elderly and all of my clients, and totally enjoy the work that I do. I am available seven days/nights a week, 365 days a year, including Holidays.

    My training and experience includes a B.A. in Interpersonal Communications including studies in Psychology, Sociology and Group Dynamics and a Minor in Applied Music. I have attended various courses, seminars and private studies on the Principles of Music Therapy. I worked for five years as an Adjunct Music Therapist for Alzheimer and Dementia Patients. I was employed for two years as a Full Time Activity Assistant in a Long Term Care Facility. I've attended various seminars related to working as an Activity Professional and concentrating on the Special Needs of the Elderly, Infirmed, Patients with Limited ADL's and those suffering from various forms of Dementia. I have had a lifetime of experience as a volunteer at nursing homes and daycare programs. I am able to develop a comfortable rapport with residents and patients of all ages, races and levels of capability.

    I play and sing all the old time sing-along-songs from the mid 1800's through the Gay 90's, Tin Pan Alley music from the 1920's & 1930's, Bing Crosby, Mills Brothers, Big Band and Swing music from the 1940's, Frank Sinatra, Tony Bennett, Dean Martin, Perry Como, Nat King Cole, 1950's Oldies, Doo-Wop, Elvis Presley, 1960's Music, Simon and Garfunkel, Peter Paul and Mary, Gordon Lightfoot, Beatles, Popular music from the 70's, Don McLean, John Denver, James Taylor, Eagles, Elton John, Show Tunes, Songs from Popular Movies, Light Jazz, Country/Western, Bluegrass, Holiday, Gospel Music, Spirituals and International Music including Irish, Spanish, Italian and Jewish. I do not need to use a book as it seems that my particular gift is that of a remarkable capacity to memorize songs. I am able to possess an immense repertoire in my memory and play by ear. Hence; I am able to entertain and get everyone involved using close eye to eye contact and a lot of smiles. I find that I can usually win over even the most obstinate of residents and/or patients.

    I am available to perform in a variety of settings including group performances, with or without sound reinforcement. (I use a wireless headset microphone and guitar system with a Professional Sound System when needed or desired). I am also able to stroll the corridors taking requests and entertaining residents as they sit by their rooms and/or congregate in small groups, and do room-to-room visits. I especially enjoy and specialize in room-to-room visits and working with Alzheimers patients in the Special Care Units.

    Tom Evan

    P.O. Box 5364

    Winter Park, Fl 32793


    Contact Name David and Shira!

    David Presler


    Delray Beach Florida

    This scintillating hushrband and wife duo hail from NYC… Known as ‘David and Shira have inspired audiences with their elegance, warmth and sincerity.


    This coming year will be about new beginnings--trying out new things and new concepts as well as building on the old.  I am currently partnering with other musicians to create inspiring original music that will bring our music to a different level.  And, providing music that can and will be enjoyed by multi-generations.

    Sandy Nitch

    Three Oldies Sung by Ron
    Contact Name Ron Larrivee
    Ron Larrivee, Ed.D.

    cell - 598 274-0388

    Cape Cod to Boston, MA & Providence, RI

    Greater Fort Myers, Naples Area, FL

    Cape and Islands Entertainment

    Ron from Cape and Islands Entertainment provides Tribute Shows for Active Seniors. Baby Boomers. He also sings at weddings and other events. This video provides a sampling from a live performance. Tel. 508 274-0388 Email. — at Live Performance - Active Adult Community.
    Events R Us Incorporated
    Contact Name Jeffrey Bryer

    Jeffrey Bryer, Performing Artist

    Jeffrey Bryer

    561-488-4599 / 561-756-1172

    Boca Raton-Palm Beach County, Florida

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