The Activity Directors Bible: Policy and Procedure Manual v2

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The Activity Directors Bible: Policy and Procedure Manual v2
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"The Activity Directors Bible: Policy and Procedure Manual.  2nd Edition"

  Includes MDS 3.0 / UPDATED for November 2017 Changes

Are you opening a New facility and need to setup an activity program.. this is the book!

   When you first enter the Activity Director department at your facility, what should you see and how should it be setup?

   What are your duties and what are your assistants duties?

   What are the different types of activities?

   How and when should I complete my Assessments on any new residents?  What form do I use?

   How many forms should I keep on hand to show the State Surveyors when they arrive?

   What and how do I do my monthly calendars and newsletters? What about the community bulletin board?

   Do I have all the Material Safety Data Sheets on all the poisonous materials stored in my department?


     From start to finish this book will help you set up your department or make sure that the department you have entered in to or are working in now is doing everything it needs to provide the quality of care that each resident is needing.

     This manual is written in a simple and easy format so that the basics are understood and the State compliance is met. Each section can be edited and each form customized to fit any facility.


This manual is intended to be utilized by the facility and adapted accordingly.

This 100 page manual is perfect for the Activity Professional to use as a reference when dealing with internal facility operations.



Some of the topics covered in great detail include:

  • Job Description Review (with in depth descriptions of each required task)

  • Care Planning

  • Assessments

  • Progress Notes

  • MDS Binder Material Safety Data Sheets

  • Guidelines for Resident Council and Quality Assurance

  • Managing the Activity Budget

  • Resident's Rights

  • Use of Volunteers and Fundraising

  • Pet Policies and Animal Maintenance

  • One-on-One Planning and Programming

  • Calendar Evaluation and Facility Population Assessment

  • Staff Orientation

  • and Much More...

Along with this abundance of information comes multiple forms to be incorporated into your activity program:

  • FPA Calculation

  • Entertainment List

  • Precautions Record

  • MDS Worksheet

  • PPS Worksheet

  • Resident Council Action Summary

  • Resident Council Attendance

  • Resident Council Minutes

  • Resident Council Authorization to Spend Money

  • Facility Population Assessment Levels

  • Resident Initial Activities Assessment

  • Consent to Photograph/Publish

  • Q&A Tool: Activity Program Review

  • Q&A Tool: Resident Quality Assurance

  • Monthly Expense Tracking

  • Department Budget Tracking

  • Facility Pet Guideline Procedures

  • One-on-One Documentation

  • Staff In-Services Attendance Record

  • Activities Physician's Orders Inquiry/Request Form

  • Extended Participation Summary Form

  • Multi-Departmental Participation Form

  • Activities Progress Note Tickler


This is a must buy for all Activity Directors! Order NOW!. "

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