Steps to Better Balance & Fall Prevention with FITness FUN Pak

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Steps to Better Balance & Fall Prevention with FITness FUN Pak
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Title: Steps to Better Balance & Fall Prevention
CEUs: 8
NCCAP #: 30352-11
Description: The Steps to Better Balance & Fall Prevention (SBBFP) training module is designed for the Activity Professional (AP) interested in empowering those he or she serves to higher levels of functional fitness, thereby improving physical balance and reducing fall rates within his or her facility.  With the SBBFP training module you will come to understand what muscles are most important when it comes to physical balance, what areas are most critical in terms of flexibility and much more.  What you will receive when you purchase SBBFP is a 70-page training manual and 6 audio-visual DVDs.  These 6 DVDs contain concise expert advice that is to-the-point in terms of how you can make a difference for those you serve.  The following is a brief outline of the topic information on the DVDs:

1.      Training Overview: What you can expect and how to most effectively use SBBFP.

2.      Balance and Contraindications: Concepts found herein come from evidence-based sources in which research has proven practice leads to improvement.  After actively participating, you will be able to help your participants understand the difference between static and dynamic balance, what muscles in the body are most important for balance and how to develop them, what areas are most critical for balance in terms of flexibility, and much more. 

3.      Safe Seated Strength Options: You will find it necessary to fully interact with this DVD in an effort to see the full picture as you come to better understand the muscles of the body, how they work and how to safely strengthen them.  You will see demonstrations using only the force of the body, using hand weights and/or using resistance bands.  Best of all, you’ll understand which muscles need particular attention when you’re talking about balance.

4.      Easy & Effective Stretching Options: This interactive DVD discusses how flexibility, or lack of it, affects physical balance.  It demonstrates simple stretches that are appropriate for almost anyone regardless of physical function.  You will walk away knowing why the various stretches are important, and how you can help those you serve to understand “what” they need to do…and “why” they need to do it. 

5.      Seated Cardio Clips: This interactive DVD discusses how you can make the cardio aspect of your class FUN instead of frightful.  You are provided with facts related to heart and lung health for the older adults you serve and get some great tips for making this aspect of your class safe, fun and effective.

6.       Mind, Body & Breath: This DVD is an overview of the importance of good balance between these 3 entities and provides the basics related to mind & body (MB) disciplines (e.g. yoga, tai chi and guided relaxation).  Just a few of the benefits associated with MB disciplines are maintaining or lowering blood pressure, reducing depression and/or anxiety, improving heart health and sleep patterns and substantially reducing stress.    

*COMBO PACK*- This At Home DVD Workshop includes the FITness FUN Pak:

  • Stars & Stripes Fitnesscise
  • Music in Motion
  • Have Fun.. Get Fit
  • Easy Tai Chi
  • Upper Body & Core Strength
  • Lower Body & Core Strength
  • Yoga Stretch
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